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BIBS Starter Guide – a 10-Week Bible Study

This new twist on BIBS includes:

  • Daily instructions and encouragement. Look for some fun quotes!
  • Quick wins. Each day is a victory, and each milestone feels great!
  • Character upgrades. Gradually grow stronger as you progress.
  • Weekly randomnopolousopoly. Just for fun!
  • Helpful resources. See the appendices for more Bible helps . . .

ONCE UPON A NON-TIME…there is God.

That’s a funny way to start, but the CHRISTMAS STORY is no ordinary tale!

ONCE UPON A NON-TIME is a book of 25 Christmas stories for kids—one story per day starting December 1. Each story is easy to read in one sitting and includes a stunning watercolor painting to highlight the day’s theme.

Kids of all ages will enjoy this book:
• Easy-to-read daily stories
• Interactive questions
• Bible characters made real
• Whimsical yet realistic paintings
• Preschool and older!

Exciting new twists to Christmas stories:
• Don’t Ignore the Explosives Technician! (Day 4)
• God’s Not Rude! (Day 2)
• Herod’s a Psychopath! (Day 23)
• Poor Ole Joe, He Didn’t Know! (Day 13)
• Why All the Hullabaloo? (Day 25)

Each story is as true-to-life as possible, blending biblical and historical accuracy with everyday human emotion.

Every morning around the breakfast table, Ryan Rench or his wife, Jamie, reads a Bible story to the kids, and the family prays for a missionary. After searching for an Advent-style Christmas storybook and finding nothing, they decided to write their own instead.








Encouraging You To Love God, Love Others & Do Right!



Don’t say, “Nah, that’s not me.” Say, “Yeah, that could be!”

A writer is a thinker. A thinker needs a brain. Got one? Good. You can be a writer.

Anyone can say, “I want to live for God!” but it takes a thinker to articulate what that might look like.
Journaling is writing your thoughts. Nothing gets published. Nothing gets criticized. Nothing gets graded. It’s just simple: 1) Think. 2) Write. “For me, living for God means I should invite my buddy John to church today. I’ll bring an invitation.”

You are a writer. And you may not even know it yet.

Maybe this journal is all you need to get started. You’ll find:

  • Over 175 notes from a youth pastor to his teens
  • Journal prompt questions to go with each note
  • Blank lines to journal thoughts from God’s Word
  • Encouragement to love God, love others & do right.

350 pages (paperback). NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon.com. $15.95


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BIBS Bible Study

Have you ever been reading a book and had your eyes glaze over? All of a sudden you realize you have been staring at the same paragraph for 10 minutes but have not read a word. Or, you might have read it, but you sure didn’t get it!
We have all been there. Some people do that with every book. Every time they sit to read, their mind wanders away.
On top of that, your pastor gets up on Sunday and says, “You should spend time in God’s Word. Read your Bible this week.”
“Yeah right,” you think. “I can barely understand the Bible. It doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t get it.”
It does not have to be that way. You CAN read the Bible AND understand what it says. It is not impossible; it just takes a format that works for you.
That is what this book is all about. BIBS (Big Idea Bible Study) is a format designed for every Christian. It is a Bible study method that takes you into the depths of Scripture but also keeps sight of the bigger picture.
BIBS is a simple step-by-step course to help you discover what God is saying in His Word. You will learn to observe, interpret and apply Scriptural truth, taking the “old, dry, boring” book and discovering the life it promises for your soul.

Literally dozens of people have read, enjoyed, purchasedconsidered buying, *sigh… read the title of BIBS and have been helped by it. Maybe some of them read the back cover… I’m not sure.

To join the throngs of raving fans, check it out on Amazon by visiting BIBSBibleStudy.com and leave a review!

226 pages. Available on Amazon.com. $13.99

Go to BIBSBibleStudy.com


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The BIBS Daily Devotional is completed entirely by the reader. The blue devotional takes you through one year of daily Bible study, covering several books of the Bible: 1 Thessalonians, Romans, Daniel, James, Ruth, Philippians, and 1 Corinthians. Because of the variety of genres and topics, this is a great book for anyone who likes variety AND biblically deep truths. Further, because this book is divided neatly into 2-week cycles, the reader can choose the sections which suit his or her needs best.

274 pages. Available on Amazon.com. $11.99


BIBS Daily Devotionals

The BIBS Daily Devotional is a daily Bible reading and study plan. It is designed to guide the reader in both an in-depth study of a certain short passage every day, as well as weekly overview readings of the surrounding chapters to provide context.

Note from the author: “There are two main reasons I do not often use or recommend most devotional books or most things written for teens. First, they cater to this false idea that teens are somehow less intelligent and need things ‘dumbed down’ for them to get it. Wrong! Those in their teen years are highly motivated to excel at whatever they are challenged to do. BIBS simply challenges them to know their Bibles if they are up to it.
“Second, most devotionals have the reader read very little of the Bible and think very little for himself. Then, if there is a biblical text to read–and sometimes it is only one verse(!)–the devotional tells the reader what to think about that text. God’s Word IS saying something in every text, but discovering it for myself and applying it to myself produces more lasting results. Following the BIBS format offers both the depths of Scripture AND the flow of thought of the context of Scripture. It is a guide to help you hear from God and a tool to help you understand and apply His desires for your life.”

For bulk orders, email Ryan Rench directly through the contact form.


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Proverbs is succinct, simple and practical. While the average reader might typically follow the Proverb-a-day method of Bible reading, the red BIBS Daily Devotional will take him deeper into the truths he so often breezed over. At times, the reading covers whole chapters, while other days only cover one or two verses. This is a great starter book for those looking into the BIBS method of Bible study.

150 pages. Available on Amazon.com. $8.99





One Youth Pastor’s TOOLBOX

A Collection of Tools From a Multifarious Youth Pastor


Every trade has its own grab bag of quick tips, resources, and ideas. In youth ministry, we constantly need quick ideas, fresh inspiration, and others’ input into our ministry.

This book is a compilation of ideas shared at an annual youth leaders retreat. Each idea was categorized by topic, including:

  • Book recommendations
  • Ministry tools
  • Productivity hacks
  • Youth ministry series
  • Games
  • Activities
  • And more!

Take what works. Adapt what doesn’t. File the rest. Make your ministry better. 

170 pages (paperback). Available on Amazon.com. $11.99


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Every year, our church hosts a few hundred young people for the Preaching Rally. This book is how we do it.

IF YOU HAVE FOUND yourself in charge of a big event, you have a lot of work to do. You have to first THINK about what to do, and then you have to DO it. Let this book help you.  

The PREACHING RALLY lays out the nuts and bolts of how we plan and run our one-day youth conference, and gives reasons behind each step. You will find detailed spreadsheets, our exact timeline of mailings, church meetings and more.

Most of the frustrations of poorly-run events can be fixed with planning–thinking about the details and doing them. The PREACHING RALLY is years’ worth of experience on paper.

I hope it helps to you.

270 pages. Available on Amazon.com. $14.99



INTERNS ARE MORE THAN GOPHERS (“go for” this and “go for” that). At least, they should be.
Secular internships are about gaining business knowledge through hands-on experience. The same is true for church internships.
Your goal as an intern should be to learn as much as possible through the experience of ministering to others—church staff and church members. Your internship is more than door-knocking and lawn-mowing. It is more than all the “stuff” that goes into ministry.
Your internship is about learning. Take advantage of that.

This book was birthed from our daily intern staff meetings. I was never a summer intern, but I was a staff intern for two years under Pastor Wayne Hardy (Bible Baptist Church, Stillwater, OK). I try to cram my two years into the 12 weeks with our interns. Poor guys. After each activity or event, we discuss the details and provide training. Sometimes the training is instruction, correction or rebuke. Sometimes it is embarrassing. Sometimes it is awkward. All of it, though, is intended to edify—to strengthen and build up—the intern. It is intended to create a ministry-minded, servant-hearted future church staff member.
As an intern, learn as much as you can. Do all you can to be a blessing and help to others. Serve. Lead. Grow. Change. INTERN WELL.

190 pages. Available on Amazon.com. $12.99



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I don’t. Who would?

But that is exactly what the youth of today are: lab rats. Modern church leaders use the youth–not the elderly–as their lab rats. New church fads are tested on those who have not lived very long.

New is not always bad… but it is always new. It is never time-tested. It is never “tried and true.” We never know if “new” will work, because it does not have a history.

Before trusting the new fads that sweep through modern churches, I want to anchor my beliefs to something TIMELESS. I want to know that that the path I am on has proved to be right. I don’t want to be a lab rat. Do your tests on someone else.

I choose to be TIMELESS.

150 pages. Available on Amazon.com. $9.99


Whether you have or you have not, A Case For Bible College is just for you. You might wonder, “What’s the big deal about Bible College, anyway? What’s the point?”

Or, you might already be planning to go but you want to know more about how to prepare. Either way, this book will help you.

PART ONE is all about building a case for why many churches encourage high school graduates to attend at least one year of Bible College. Part One details many of the benefits, considers a few objections and discusses several biblical principles on choosing a Bible College. Part One is written primarily to parents and those who are not yet convinced of the need for Bible College.

PART TWO is written to the prospective student and is meant to help prepare him or her for the distinct new culture of Bible College. Part Two helps the student navigate many of the changes that will take place in the first year of Bible College: spiritual, academic and social, to name a few.

The BONUS CHAPTER at the end is written specifically to those students who have chosen to attend Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City. This chapter provides a quick look at a few Heartland-specific topics that will not apply to other Bible Colleges.

188 pages. Available on Amazon.com. $12.99





A Case For… is a growing series of minibooks designed to help the reader find biblical and practical reasons for various doctrines and practices he might find in the church he attends. None of the minibooks are meant to be exhaustive resources on any of the topics. Rather, each minibook serves as a collection of logical and reasonable arguments in favor of each biblical topic. They are written in easy-to-read language and are short enough to complete in one sitting.


A Case For Dating God’s Way

Hoping to save teens a lot of future heartache, this minibook was written to help navigate some of life’s questions on biblical dating. Should I date? How do I start? Read the book to find out! More>>

A Case For Sunday Evening Church

“Weeell… attendance is down so we’ll just cancel our Sunday night services.” Should you? This minibook gives a few solid reasons why our church still believes in the Sunday evening service. More>>

A Case For Reverence

Most church services today are very casual, laid back and relaxed. This minibook builds a strong case for conducting church services in more of a reverent, respectful attitude. More>>

A Case For Saturday Soul-winning

Every Saturday our church goes into the community to spread the gospel through our door-to-door soul-winning program. While our main focus is on obeying the Great Commission, several other factors are at play each week, as well. Read our minibook for good reasons to have an outreach program. (Call 951.676.8700 to order)

A Case For Why We Have “Church”

“Where did this whole ‘church’ thing come from, anyway? What about para-church organizations? Aren’t all churches the same?” Read this minibook to find out. (Call 951.676.8700 to order)




Around the time that Muslims were seeking to build a mosque near Ground Zero, ground-breaking ceremonies were beginning on the 5-acre plot of land next door to our church for another Mosque. Pastor Rench was on CNN discussing the effects of Islam on America, and wrote this followup booklet to highlight some of Islam’s teachings from their Quran. (Call 951.676.8700 to order)

Enduring Sound Doctrine

At times, error creeps into churches through outside influences. A pastor that cares for his sheep will warn against false doctrine, encouraging the flock to “endure sound doctrine,” as Paul taught. This booklet details some of the errors of home churches, the Pearl family, and others who lift certain teachings above the importance of the church. (Call 951.676.8700 to order)

Skip the Sermon, Worship at Home?

In our area of Southern California, and with the prevalence on online and other media options for church, some Christians are convinced that home worship is the same as church worship. This booklet gives several warnings against home church gatherings that are replacing the assemblies of people in true churches. (Call 951.676.8700 to order)

Classic Christianity

Pastor Rench received an advertisement in the mail promoting another rock concert. He remembered his past with rock music with shame. To his surprise, the advertisement was for a church, although the appearance was worldly. This booklet contrasts classic, timeless Christianity against the modern, changing fads of today’s contemporary Christianity. (Call 951.676.8700 to order)

Is Sunday School Biblical?

A hot topic among home-church advocates these days is, “Is Sunday School biblical?” The question is sincere. While Sunday School is certainly not anti-biblical (there’s no clear teaching against it directly), to say that it is un-biblical (in that it’s not even mentioned) is also incorrect. This booklet shows the biblical precendent of Sunday School. (Call 951.676.8700 to order)

Calvary Chapel: What’s the Difference?

Our church is often mistaken with a church called Calvary Chapel, a non-denominational church with several locations and schools across Southern California. Because of the confusion between our church and theirs, Pastor Rench clarifies the differences in Bible doctrines and practices. (Call 951.676.8700 to order)



Pastor W. M. Rench

Pastor Rench was saved in 1971 under the ministry of J.C. Joiner, New Testament Baptist Church Tucson, AZ. He was called to preach during Revival Meeting with Evangelist Carl Hatch. He graduated from Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College, with a ThG in 1975 and a BA in 1976

Pastor Rench planted Harvest Baptist Church in Corvallis, OR in 1980, then went on to pastor New Testament Baptist Church in Eugene, OR from 1981 to 1987. In 1987 he was called to plant an church in Temecula, CA. May of 1987 was the first service for Calvary Baptist Church where he is still pastoring.

Pastor Rench in currently serving on the board of Heartland Baptist Bible College (having formerly served on the board of Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College.)

Pastor Rench and his wife Wendy have four children and eight grandchildren, who are part of Calvary Baptist Church.

Ryan Rench

RYAN RENCH serves as the youth director and associate pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Temecula, CA, under his father’s leadership, Pastor W. M. Rench. Ryan’s family moved to Temecula in 1987 to plant the church where Ryan was reared and is now on staff. He earned his Master’s Degree in Ministry from Heartland Baptist Bible College in 2010. Ryan Rench married his wife, Jamie, in 2008.

calvary baptist publications logo

Calvary Baptist Publications is a compilation of ministry resources originating from everyday church needs. Each book, booklet and minibook originated as a way to help our church–Calvary Baptist Church of Temecula, CA–and has since expanded to those beyond our local ministry.
In the name, Calvary denotes the Christian worldview from which every publication originates. Even non-ministry publications will be filtered through a Christ-honoring lens. Baptist emphasizes the stance and tone of the published material, immediately labeling the writing and aligning it with certain doctrines and practices. And Publications, well, it just seemed to fit. The logo encapsulates the ministry by hinting at both the cross and the book silhouettes. Calvary Baptist Publications exists to serve like-minded churches and Christians with simple resources that touch everyday life.